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new journal - the other were totally full. Also new fandom - The O.C. Its quite interesting and I really like the series... which is kinda new. Normally I find the fandom better than the show... now... both are fun. as long as its last. I've never really noticed the whole 'post on facebook' thingie - but honestly? not my thing. I read so much stuff that I really don't want my mother to know about... (not that she is interested anyway) but the off chance that she'd read it? disturbo. Which is not of the fun (yes I've watched too much californian stuff). I might post some recs here sometime - I think. As long as I save it first. The whole 'dead link' things are SO not fun.

which stands for MightyMenace and is not similar in the LEAST to my real name. 
but thats fine
I think
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