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Its an AU from 30 days. Just something that has teased my mind since I learned of the episode. Haven't seen the episode yet, and take a few author liberties... so - on with it.

Drabble Tom Paris

“You are
free to leave Mr. Paris.” Commander Chakotay had counted the days until the
blonde would be released. They had managed to build a slight friendship over
the years.

“Mr. Paris?”
The lack of reaction gave him a sense of wrongness. He placed his hand the thin
shoulder, the lost weight made him even more concerned. None of them liked
Leola Root.. but...

No reaction. There was absolutely no sign that
the other even noticed him being there. Worry started to gnaw at him. He’d
found the punishment unjust... just as every other crewmember had, but the lack
of movement was alarming.


The first
name made the head turned towards him. Unfortunately it did little to ease his
concern. The blue eyes were devoid of life and that scared him more than


In the end
it was nothing they could do. Neither the Doctor, nor Tuvok managed to salvage
the sanity of Tom Paris. A slight note in his medical record revealed that he
was claustrophobic and a recommendation to not leave him alone if in a small
space. Unfortunately it was too late. The brilliant pilot who had saved Voyager
so many times would be lucky if he managed to relearn to feed himself.


Within a
month the crew passed a vote of no confidence in Kathryn Janeway, and made
Commander Chakotay Captain of the ship. She would either be left on a passing
planet or be locked in her quarters for the remainder of the journey. If the
former Captain had allowed the first pilot a pad, if she had allowed him to see
or at least talk to someone this might have been avoided, but unfortunately she
allowed her anger to rule her common sense. Thereby destroying Thomas Eugene
Paris’s mind just as surely as lack of human interaction kills babies. Was it
worth it?

Dunno if it is possible - but the possibility is a bit chilling. Can't really see why the punishment was so hard.. he was trying to save a planet after all. I mean - seriously - even if it goes against the prime directive to interfere - would it not be even worse to allow them to destroy their own planet? ...(after reading a little more I discovered at it was more about the disobedience... but still. They did nothing about it thereby sanctioning the death of how many plants++...well...)  What do you think? about the theme and the drabble in general (mostly the drabble).
Tags: drabble, fic, tomparis, voy

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